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roller shutters

Placed in front of your windows, the shutters are real barriers against cold, heat, looks and other outside intrusions. This is why faulty shutters can affect your insulation , as well as your privacy ! In this case, you can replace your old shutters with roller shutters, in PVC or aluminium. These high-performance models will allow you to save energy , while considerably improving your comfort of life .

What aid for the installation of roller shutters in 2021?

As part of the energy renovation of your home, the State and local authorities offer to co-finance the installation of high-performance roller shutters . Eco-PTZ, reduced VAT rate , local aid… Here is the list of subsidies you can benefit from!

The reduced VAT rate

Rather than the usual 20%, a reduced VAT rate of 5.5 or 10% can be applied to your installer’s invoice… Provided that you replace your old joinery with high-performance models! Indeed, the purpose of this bonus is to encourage you to reduce heat loss from your home through appropriate equipment.

With this in mind, models of wooden shutters are generally less resistant and less insulating than PVC or aluminum roller shutters.

Here are the terms and conditions relating to the reduced VAT rate for changing sections :

Only owners with modest to very modest incomes can benefit from Anah’s MaPrimeRénov’ Serenity scheme .

This financial aid helps you to finance energy renovation work capped at €30,000 , and leading to an energy gain of 35% . To verify that you have achieved this energy gain, an energy audit is necessary before and after the work!

Help from your retirement fund

If you are retired , be aware that your pension fund can also grant you financial assistance for the motorization of your roller shutters. Indeed, the changes of shutters are considered as works of adaptation of your housing.

If several aids are available to you, however, be aware that you can no longer benefit from the tax credit for changing your roller shutters (now replaced by MaPrimeRénov’). As for the energy saving certificates , they only apply to the replacement of windows and patio doors.

Need an estimate for your renovation project?

Tenants : repair of the joinery due to the deterioration of the tenants, replacement of a small damaged part, cleaning of the openings.

Entities to contact to take advantage of other financial aid

To be able to obtain aid from Anah, your pension fund or local authorities, we invite you to contact the entities concerned directly:

Are the financial aids for renovation cumulative?

The eco-PTZ, like the reduced VAT rate, can be combined with all the financial aid you can claim to change shutters.

As for MaPrimeRénov’ Sérénité de l’Anah, it can be combined with the Eco-PTZ and the reduced VAT rate. On the other hand, it cannot be combined with MaPrimeRénov’ , nor with the CEE premiums.

From the eco-PTZ to the reduced VAT rate, through the aid of Anah, several types of financial aid are available to you to allow you to install roller shutters at a lower cost !

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