Our tips for choosing a comfortable sofa

comfortable sofa

Feeling good on your sofa is essential! But how do you know if a sofa model is comfortable? Designer sofa or convertible sofa, it is important to take into account several criteria, such as the structure of the sofa, the density of the foam that makes up the seat and the back of the sofa, or the thickness of the mattress if you opt for a sofa. Of course, between flexibility and firmness, the concept of comfort is very personal: according to your uses or your desires, your choice will be on a model of sofa with soft comfort to snuggle up comfortably, or on a firmer sofa, with a high back and footrest, to read or offer you a moment of relaxation without fear of back pain.

Designer sofa, contemporary or convertible corner sofa, ID Market advises you to find the comfortable sofa of your dreams at the best price!

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Sofa definition

The ideal sofa must have a sufficient number of places to accommodate your friends, possibly be convertible to take advantage of an additional bed, be aesthetic and design to integrate harmoniously into the interior decoration, and also be comfortable. Whatever the dimensions of your sofa, you must appreciate its comfort. Like an armchair, a sofa is a piece of furniture made up of several elements:

A structure: in wood or metal

A suspension: it determines the sinking into the seat

Padding: polyurethane or polyester foam

A covering: in leather, fabric or velvet, it gives all its beauty to the sofa

comfortable sofa in a living room

A comfortable sofa is characterized by the quality of the foam that makes up its

seat and backrest, but also by its suspension, its structure and its covering.

The structure and suspension of the sofa

The structure of a sofa determines its solidity. A contemporary or Scandinavian-style sofa is generally designed with a wooden structure or wooden panels. Relaxation sofas with articulated footrests have a metal structure.

The suspension of a sofa is an important element of the comfort of your seat. With springs or straps, the suspension supports the weight of the users: its quality also depends on the comfort of your sofa.

Sofa seat foam

The back and seat of a sofa are made of foam. Made of polyester or polyurethane, this padding makes it possible to obtain a more or less pleasant seating comfort. The quality of the foam, as well as its density, lift and resilience, are key points to consider when choosing a sofa.

If you lack space and opt for a convertible sofa bed, the density and thickness of the mattress are also to be studied. If you choose a designer convertible sofa for your living room or dining room, and the bed will be used as an extra bed, a thin mattress may be suitable. On the other hand, if your convertible sofa is intended to occupy a bedroom and serves as your daily bed, pay attention to the thickness and foam of the mattress: the quality of your sleep will depend on it.

The shape of the sofa

Depending on the angle between the backrest and the seat of your sofa, the height of the backrest and the depth of the seat, the comfort will not be the same: a comfortable sofa should promote relaxation. Often in the same family, opinions differ: some like to sit there to read, others to slouch there to watch a series. Contemporary, design or vintage, it’s up to you to choose the ideal sofa model for your family!

Leather, fabric, velvet… Choose the right upholstery

Comfort also involves touch. The smooth and firm appearance of leather, the comfort of a modern fabric sofa, the softness of velvet… It’s up to your tastes, but also according to the practical side you want and the style of your decoration. Each upholstery has its advantages: velvet, with its warm appearance, offers a cozy comfort feel, the fabric is favored by lovers of the Scandinavian style, and the black leather is perfect for a vintage interior design.

And of course, the upholstery of your sofa also depends on its price: a leather sofa requires a larger budget. For a less expensive sofa , choose fabric, velvet or leather-look upholstery.

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