How to protect against pests in summer?

protect against pests

Pests invade the house, especially in summer. They can cause a lot of damage and invade your home quickly. Find out how to control mosquitoes, rats, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches.

Install roller shutters with an integrated mosquito net

For your renovation or new construction work this summer, choose a roller shutter with mosquito net to protect yourself against pests . The installation of this roller shutter with integrated mosquito net allows you to enjoy many advantages:

optimal protection against harmful insects, such as mosquitoes.

The roller shutter with integrated mosquito net also allows you to keep your windows open at any time. It thus protects you from mosquitoes and other harmful summer insects while allowing you to breathe the air of nature.

Insulate your home with hemp

Hemp wool is an insulator that rodents hate. Hemp is an effective natural solution to repel pests. We recommend using hemp to insulate your walls , roofs and floors. This material protects you from pests without polluting the environment.

Hemp fibers are fungicidal and antibacterial. Hemp provides good resistance to insects, and presents no health hazard. That’s why you can use this material for natural insulation in your home to fight the invasion of rodents and pests this summer.

To reinforce your protection against pests, install anti-intrusion mesh screens for reinforced insulation. This will prevent insects, especially mosquitoes, from settling on your roof. Fences also preserve your insulation materials against the escape of rats and mice.

Eliminate all insect havens around your home this summer

You’re going to have to keep pests from finding a haven around your home this summer. Start by mowing your lawn and removing unnecessary plants. Also remove all accumulations of water since mosquitoes in particular use it to reproduce.

The interior of your home should be kept clean at all times. Avoid waiting for your garbage cans to overflow before emptying them as they attract insects and rodents. Close your waste bins tightly with a lid to prevent pests from taking refuge and breeding there .

Use insect traps and repellents

Installing insect traps and using repellents help protect you against pests. These two solutions are known to fight against the spread of pests . Insect traps are harmless to health and the environment. They are easy to use while being odorless.

Insect and rodent repellents are effective in protecting you against mosquitoes, moths, rats and mice. You can choose from a wide range of commercial repellents. Choose repellents based on essential oils in order to get rid of insects. A few drops are enough to keep pests away from your home.

The use of biocides is effective in protecting your home against mosquitoes, for example. These chemicals quickly kill insects. Exercise vigilance and caution when using them and be sure to buy a product for household use.

Get Rid Of Bugs This Summer With Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective substance against pests. The salt contained in this product eliminates insects quickly. Baking soda is a non-toxic active ingredient to be preferred to protect you from fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and ants.

In order to eliminate the pests present in your home and prevent other insects from settling in, follow these steps :

Get a spray bottle to get rid of bed bugs. In this case, dilute baking soda in lukewarm water before pouring the solution into your device. Then let the product air dry.

The presence of pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches and other rodents in your home can cause multiple damage and harm the health of your family. Fight against their appearance this summer by taking into account our advice. However, we recommend that you contact a professional to help you eliminate harmful insects while respecting the environment.

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