How to get rid of pests in a house?

get rid of pests

Pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches or moths tend to proliferate quickly once they are established. What are the ways to get rid of it in an effective and lasting way? Are there natural ways to scare them away and thus avoid polluting the air in your home?

Often very aggressive, insecticides can pollute the air in the house. Before considering using them, it is better to first turn to more natural methods to scare away these pests that invade your home.

In the event of an invasion of mice, it is possible to put used cat litter in the places where they have taken up residence. This smell will repel them.

You can also use mouse traps, which remain the most common means of getting rid of these small rodents. The other less well-known and yet very effective method is to use ultrasonic devices . Pests do not support the high frequencies emitted by these devices.

As for moths , the best way to get rid of them is to have oranges with cloves in your cupboards: this will prevent them from attacking clothes and fabrics. Placing pieces of Marseille soap is also very effective in protecting against moths.

As for the ants , the ideal is to disperse strong odors in the places where they hide, these moving thanks to their pheromones. White vinegar and basil are very effective.

Pigeons can also cause significant damage, especially on roofs, to get rid of them, do not hesitate to call in a company specializing in the removal of pigeons .

Do not forget your bathroom, a humid place conducive to the development of silverfish (silverfish), to eradicate them you can use essential oils (lavender, peppermint for example), diatomaceous earth or baking soda.

Chemical solutions to eradicate pests from your home

If all the ecological solutions have not had an effect on the presence of pests , there is no other choice but to use chemicals. If these insects and other rodents are found in an apartment in a building, it is advisable to consult with neighbors before considering using chemicals. Indeed, by repelling them from a dwelling, the pests can take refuge elsewhere. It is then necessary to solve the problem in the whole building and to agree on the techniques to be used in each apartment. You can also call on a professional who will come and carry out a complete diagnosis before treating the building.

If there are mice and rats in a house and the previous solutions have not worked, the best thing is to call in an exterminator , especially if there are rats, their droppings being dangerous for health human being.

When the presence of cockroaches is observed in a home but they are not yet too numerous, it is not necessary to call in an exterminator: an insecticide made with diatomaceous earth will suffice.

It is also easy to find effective insecticides against moths and ants on the market. However, it will be necessary to regularly air the cupboards and drawers which may contain fabric and think about scenting them to prevent moths from returning. For example, you can put bouquets of lavender in the cupboards to repel these pests.

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