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To the east, the Trégor. To the west, the Leon. To the north, the sea. To the south, the Monts d’Arrée. Morlaix, sheltered by its bay, conceals a well-preserved architectural heritage from the 15th and 16th centuries .

Placed like a tiara above the historic town, the Morlaix railway viaduct recalls how much the city of Finistère was a crossroads between Armor and Argoat, where trade was a trademark. Today, embellishment of a unique secular architectural heritage in artisanal creations and cultural agitations, the city woke up. Isn’t this where À l’Aise Breizh , the slightly crazy little bigoudène, was born? Of a peninsular character, the people of Morlais never give up.

Morlaix, view of the railway viaduct

Huddled together, as if to defy modernity, the half-timbered houses of Place Allende take their place in the hollow of the city built on the hillsides connected by this impressive viaduct . The best vantage point from which to discover Morlaix is ​​the one offered, for just a few moments, to travelers on the Paris-Rennes-Brest train when, before entering the station, the train crosses the viaduct which dominates the whole town at low speed.

The Bull’s Castle

Château du Taureau: Morlaix never forgot the looting committed in 1522 by English corsairs, who had taken advantage of the absence of most of the townspeople, who had left for a nearby fair. They were well informed! To prevent new incursions, a fort was built in the bay of Morlaix, on the edge of the channel that ships had to use: the Château du Taureau proved to be so dissuasive that the English did not return there! Moreover, the spies captured were hung on the ramparts, which gave food for thought.

Marina of Morlaix

Port of Morlaix:  Originally, Morlaix developed at the narrowest point of a deep estuary, which allowed ships to go very far inland, allowing fruitful trade with foreign countries. But, with the advent of the automobile, Morlaix covered its river, and the quays were pushed back to the suburbs. Old postcards show sailboats at the quay not far from the viaduct, the city then had a completely different look!

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