How to create a cocooning and cozy living room

cozy living room

In the living room, comfort has become as fundamental as the design and practicality of the furniture. Evidenced by the enthusiasm for houses with a cocooning spirit. Quilted textures, velvety touch, the materials are transformed to make the living room a real bubble of comfort. To create a cozy living room, you must not skimp on the choice of furniture! If the sofa remains the essential element of any living room worthy of the name, other pieces can increase the feeling of comfort. Here are the 10 essential pieces of furniture and decorative objects to create a cocooning and cozy living room. What give it a cozy look, very appreciable in autumn-winter.

White Ektorp sofa , particle board structure and fabric cushions, 319 euros, Ikea.

You may have noticed the return of thick materials and generous cutouts in our interiors. Sofas like down jackets or enveloping armchairs, the furniture reinvents the living room today to give it a cozy familiar air. Inherited from the Nordic countries and the “ Hygge ” trend, the cocooning style is above all a conception of life. The goal ? Make the interior an escape from external aggression, a place to recharge your batteries. The decoration seeks to go beyond simple comfort to reach a higher notion; the recomfort “. Because a cocooning lounge is above all that: a comfortable and warm place for yourself. And if you think this decorative look is reserved for old chaletsor country houses, Maison Créative will prove you wrong by revealing the keys to a successful cozy living room.

What decoration for a cocooning atmosphere?

The advantage with the cocooning style is that it is very easy to adopt. The important thing is to opt primarily for natural textures, such as solid wood, knitted wool, velvet and even linen. Plaids , cushions, poufs; do not hesitate to multiply them if you want to transform the stay. When it comes to colours, the watchword for a successful show is homogeneity. Purists prefer neutral palettes – white, taupe, gray – but nothing prevents you from daring dark tones, only flashy tones are to be avoided. Associated with pink and terracotta ,bordeaux brings character to the cozy atmosphere. Same observation with the blue and green tones which are rich in nuances. Now that the foundations of the cocooning lounge are laid, all that remains is to furnish. Curved seats, soft lights, thick curtains… Take a look at our list of 10 essential decorative objects and furniture to renovate your living room into a cozy living space.

A cozy sofa, the essential of the cocooning living room

The sofa embodies the very essence of the living room, without it the living room has no place to exist. But not all sofa sizes contribute to creating a warm living room. The seat should be as generous as possible, inviting the whole family to laze around. In terms of materials, the popularity of leather is increasingly declining in favor of thick fabrics such as  velvet . In question, our need to feel enveloped, as if protected by the centerpiece of the living room.

Household linen reinforces the cocooning atmosphere

Vice Versa cushions , in linen, 86 euros. Basic Tibetan goat cushions , in duck feather and fur, 165 euros. Vice Versa throws , in linen woven with two-tone threads, 199 euros, Maison de Vacances.

Neglected – wrongly – by many of us, household linen is a key component of the cozy living room. Fluffy plaids always bring a nice drape to the seats of the living room, whether they are laid down in a hurry or lined up strictly. Cushions are just as essential to living room comfort; they enhance the silhouette of the sofa, especially when chosen in a dark shade or covered with a light pattern.

Blue-green Köpenhamn carpet , flat-woven in wool, 159 euros, Ikea.

From floor to ceiling, it is fashionable to take care of the comfort of the living room; and what could be better than a warm rug to pamper our feet at the same time? The carpet contributes to creating a feeling of well-being in all rooms of the house. For a cozy stay, we prefer very padded models, although they are less easy to maintain. Then it remains to choose between the very trendy Berber and kilim rugs or the timeless faux fur.

Table lamps, price on request, Foscarini.

Feeling comfortable in the living room is not only a question of furnishing. The lighting fixtures vary the living room atmosphere considerably and play a determining role in the scripting of your living room. A floor lamp installed near an armchair is enough to isolate a reading corner in a large living room. The cocooning spirit likes soothing and subdued atmospheres, so exit the XXL pendant lamp which blinds you when you wake up, instead multiply the table lamps and floor lamps with medium brightness.

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