Reasons Why Your AC Unit is Not Blowing Cold Air Anymore

AC Unit is Not Blowing Cold Air Anymore

We understand how you feel, specifically about the heat and humidity in Singapore. When the weather is very humid, complications arise. The interior environment can become intolerable if the air conditioning is not frigid.

According to our extensive experience, the most common cause is a lack of air conditioning maintenance.

This article explains the common causes of why your air conditioner is not cold.

1. Your AC Filter Is Unclean, and Obstructing Airflow

A filthy air filter causes the air conditioner to work excessively, with irregular air management being the first sign of trouble. On the other hand, a properly maintained and spotless filter will allow cold air to enter the home.

The dust that accumulates around it causes it to become slightly warmer, impeding the passage of frigid air. In addition, the grime indicates that the unit provides impure air.

A monthly inspection of the air filters to ensure that they are clean and functioning properly can help resolve the issue.

2. Problems with the Faulty Compressor

The compressor is an essential part of any air conditioner. Its primary function is to chill the air before distributing it throughout the chamber. If the compressor is malfunctioning, its operation is impaired.

Problems with the air conditioner not producing frigid air may be caused by a clogged compressor, preventing cooled air passage. The obstruction could be caused by grit, grime, and small debris, an uncommon occurrence that a skilled technician should remedy.

Even if dirt or debris does not obstruct the compressor, it fails to function as intended. Typically, it is hardened, causing the entire air conditioning unit to malfunction.

Before pumping air into the chamber, the compressor should condense the air so it is chilly or frigid. It flows at a freezing temperature and can occasionally freeze over due to various issues, such as soil and residue obstructing it.

Check, defrost, and repair the compressor so that it can chill the air.

3. Air Conditioning Coolant is Leaking

Cooling the air requires a special fluid called a coolant or refrigerant, which is pumped by the compressor.

Fluid is pumped and recycled as it passes through evaporator coils to chill the air in a manner analogous to how a refrigerator’s compressor operates.

If the refrigerant is escaping, there will not be enough in your air conditioner for it to function properly and produce frigid air. Refilling the coolant and repairing any leakage will resolve the issue.

4. Unclean Or Leaking Evaporator Coils

Refrigerant circulates through a series of coils in the evaporator to chill air. It is a crucial component of the air conditioner that is responsible for producing the desired cool air.

It will not function properly if it is filthy. In addition, it may occasionally escape, which may reduce its effectiveness.

It may be sufficient to clean it and ensure that it is not seeping coolant for the air conditioner to produce frigid air.

5. The AC Thermostat is Defective

Occasionally, the air conditioner may operate when turned on but fail to produce frigid air. The required air-cooling components may be in excellent condition, but nothing is occurring.

In such a case, the problem could be with the thermostat, which could be damaged or malfunctioning.

It may not detect the desired temperature settings, preventing the entire AC system from producing chilly air. The solution to this issue is to replace the thermostat.

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