How to choose a sofa

choose a sofa

The sofa, a key piece of furniture in a living room, now exists in a multitude of models to suit all needs and all tastes. In leather, fabric, velvet, suede or microfiber, straight or corner sofa, convertible or electric sofa, we will guide you to choose the sofa that suits you.

It is always difficult to make the right choice when acquiring furniture for the home, even more so when it comes to a sofa . Indeed, it must be adapted to your room and bring you the comfort you expect . Here are the selection criteria to choose the sofa that suits you:

The size of a sofa must be adapted to the number of people living in your house, but not only. Indeed, it is also necessary to adapt it to the size of the room. Prefer a straight or accent sofa for small rooms and indulge yourself with a large corner or U-shaped sofa if you have a spacious room .

Straight sofa or angel sofa or U-shaped sofa

The shape of the sofa is not only an aesthetic criterion but also a technical criterion allowing practical adaptation to your daily life. If you like to meet with your friends in your living room or if you use this room little, then you do not have the same needs in terms of layout.

The straight sofa

A great classic of sofas, the straight sofa adapts to many rooms and comes in many aesthetic finishes. However, it is not very suitable for convivial sharing in the living room. The fact that it is straight does not allow you to see each other face to discuss and exchange.

The corner sofa

The corner sofa finds its place in most homes today. However, it must have enough space to install it, and it is not recommended in small spaces. Very often, the meridian forming the angle is reversible , that is to say that you can install it so as to form a left or right angle .

It is necessary to combine aesthetics and practicality when it comes to choosing a sofa, especially when it comes to a sofa for sofa bed use. Note that there are two categories of convertible sofas  : bench sofas and sofa beds .

Bench sofas

Can be used as a sofa in the short term, because it is not very comfortable, the bench sofa is mainly used as an extra bed. Clic-clac, BZ (zig-zag bed) and futon belong to this category, they are suitable for occasional use but are not suitable for daily sleeping . Their mattress  is fine and their integrated bed base leaves a little to be desired.

For this type of sofa, the  sleeping mattress is integrated into the seat and it is by unfolding the bench sofa that the seat becomes a mattress . So, when you wear out the seat of the sofa, you also wear out the mattress of the extra bed

The sofa beds

Unlike the click-clac or the BZ, the mattress of the bed is not an integral part of the seat, which allows it to be kept permanently . The sofa bed is equipped with a real frame which, once unfolded, offers you a comfortable and durable bed .

This type of sofa is ideal when you don’t have a guest room and you often entertain. It can also be used as a daily bed without any problem. Although these are often straight sofas, this installation is increasingly being done on corner sofas. Often provides storage space.

Choosing a comfortable sofa: focus on the padding, seat and backrest

What we look for after the size and aesthetics of a sofa is above all comfort! Needless to say that the price changes according to the degree of comfort .

Modular seat and backrest

You can find sofas whose seat and back are an integral part of the structure like many sofas, but also models whose seat and back cushions are not integrated into the structure . These are usually large, soft cushions that are very comfortable . Being able to remove them allows you to reinstall them as you wish.

electric sofas

Modern and well thought out, the electric sofas are equipped with a control box allowing you to tilt the seat or the headrest in order to choose their inclination according to the level of comfort desired. It is possible to take a seat for long restorative naps. Some even have a massage mode for a guaranteed moment of relaxation!

Both from an aesthetic and practical point of view, the choice of coating is important, especially in terms of maintenance and cleaning .

The fabric

Available in cotton or cotton polyester , the fabric covering offers a good level of comfort . However , maintenance remains delicate because the fabric being permeable , it stains easily and retains odors.

The leather

Leather is a durable and stain-resistant material . Waterproof , however, it requires regular maintenance with products suitable for leather. Well maintained, it lasts several decades .

Synthetic leather or imitation leather

Also called ”  leatherette  ” or imitation leather , it is a PVC coating that imitates leather . Its maintenance is very simple , just a wipe with a sponge. However, it lasts less than real leather and cracks after a few years . Plus, it feels cold to the touch. It is still a good alternative to a leather sofa, for a lower cost .

velvet sofa

Both very soft to the touch , they offer real comfort. Both of these coatings are generally quite easy to clean . They are nevertheless not recommended if you have animals and young children because they are fragile materials.

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