3 questions to ask yourself before installing a window!

installing a window

You want to replace your old one scarp entry by Windows more insulating, or carry out large-scale renovation work? Above all, do not neglect the step of installing the openings , which is essential to guarantee good thermal and acoustic insulation in your home!

Indeed, after havingchose new windows, then they should be installed. Types of installation, price, equipment required…

Here are the 3 questions to ask yourself before installing your windows, in due form!

  1. Which window installation to choose?
  2. What is the price for installing a window?
  3. How to install a new window?

Which window installation to choose?

Do you want to replace an existing carpentry? Installing a window in a new construction? Depending on your project, theconfiguration of your accommodationand the state offrame, be aware that a carpentry can be partially or completely replaced !

How do I know if the frame is in good condition ? The latter must be firmly attached to the wall, and not porous. If not, consider total removal instead.

The condition of your existing frame : if it is in good condition, you can opt for the installation in renovation. Otherwise, total removal is necessary!

Your budget : a total removal is on average twice as expensive as a renovation installation. In addition, a total removal can lead to additional costs, particularly related to masonry work, finishes or possible complications.

What is the price for installing a window?

To know the price of the installation of a carpentry, several elements are to be taken into account, and in particular the price of the equipment, as well as the cost of the installation and the labor.

Its manufacturing material (wood, aluminium, PVC or mixed materials): with equal dimensions, PVC windows are less expensive than wooden or aluminum models. As for mixed openings, made up of an assembly of several materials, they are the most expensive on the market.

Its dimensions : in fact, the window to be replaced can be a fixed opening with a single small sash, such as a panoramic window covering the whole of a wall.

Its type of opening : a window can open in different ways ( tilt and turn , casement , sliding, bellows…), and be of different shapes (round, curved …). In addition, the price of a window is much lower than that of a patio door .

Its type of glazing (double or triple glazing, reinforced security glazing, etc.): for example, triple glazing is sold on average 60 to 80% more expensive than double glazing.

For information, here is the average cost of a standard double-glazed window in 125 cm x 100 cm with two leaves, depending on its material of manufacture:

What is the price for the installation of a standard or made-to-measure window?

The installation in renovation of a carpentry by aprofessionaltakes an average of one to two hours. But in the case of a total removal, the intervention time is on average twice as long!

As an indication, the hourly cost of a carpenter is between 35 and 80 € including tax, depending on the region concerned.

All of thewindow changing aidsis subject to conditions for obtaining it, such as the obligation to call on an RGE craftsman, or to buy joinery respecting a certain thermal performance.

How to install a new window?

For thePVC window installation, in wood or aluminum, you can choose to make it yourself, or call on a qualified professional!

In the first case, be sure to respect certain criteria and take certain precautions, so that the operation goes as well as possible. In the second case, the RGE-certified craftsman undertakes to carry out an installation according to the rules of the art.

The conditions for installing a window yourself

Do you already have your equipment and want to install it yourself? Although it is not within everyone’s reach, this operation is quite feasible, provided you take the precautions below!

Once your windows are installed, it is recommended that you maintain them regularly over the years to extend their lifespan and ensure that they function properly. In addition, they should be adjusted in the event of a malfunction, or repaired in the event of slight damage!

The intervention of an RGE certified company for the installation of windows: the advantages

For the installation of your joinery, it is recommended that you turn to atrained and qualified professional RGE (Recognized guarantor of the environment), whether it is a carpenter or a company specializing in energy renovation.

In short, you can completely consider installing new carpentry on your own, although this requires a technique  and appropriate tools . However, be aware that an installation and/or sealing defect can have serious long-term consequences, and lead to irreversible water infiltration!

For more security, it is therefore recommended that you turn to qualified RGE professionals . Good news: by calling on IZI by EDF for the installation of windows, you also benefit from our network of RGE-approved partner installers !

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