How to make a modest living room-kitchen luxurious?

kitchen luxurious

Here is this small living room and its adjacent kitchen transformed into a luxury version! Redesigned by the Maison Créative teams, they swap their faded colors – red, gray – for dark and deep tones, which form a perfect setting to accommodate golden decorative objects. And that’s just the most glaring part of this renovation project. This also includes the development of an elegant and very chic glass roof, and the refurbishment of the floors using noble materials. At work ! Ready? Go! Here are all the tips to get there.

The living room had aged red walls and a weathered floor leading to the right into a kitchen, access to which proved to be impeded by a step.

Which paint to choose to pimp up your living room and kitchen?

If painting is rarely the first step in a renovation, its choice is essential and sometimes even takes place upstream of other work.

As part of the renovation of this small Parisian apartment, the objective was clear: the living room and its adjoining kitchen had to gain in opulence , adopt a more elegant, richer and comfortable style, despite the narrowness of the two rooms.

The living room retains its character by changing from red to Klein blue ((Flat Hydro Mat Velvety acrylic paint, Totem color, Tollens)

In the living room , the faded red walls are dressed in a very intense Klein blue.

The Klein blue on the walls lends a certain theatricality to the space, and this atmosphere is reinforced by the choice of gold frames whose brilliance contrasts with the depth of the blue. To add an effect of space to this pretty cabinet, the ceiling has been painted white, which helps to ventilate the atmosphere.

In the kitchen , cement gray gives way to the depth of black colored surfaces. The result is stunning: the kitchen becomes a precious space where the effects and reflections of the materials respond to each other according to the lacquered facades, glass accessories, small pendant lights…

The cement-coloured kitchen marked by sheet metal is adorned with the different chromatic natures of black: matt, shiny, anthracite, ebony…

How to transform your kitchen into a haven of elegance?

In its previous life, the kitchen was relegated to the back of the room, in a place without windows, poorly lit, all in gray tones of cement and unappealing metal.

For a half partition, first mount a wall of plaster tiles.

Then make a frame with wooden cleats. Secure it to the wall.

Make an interior frame with small cleats. Nail it to the center of the first frame.

Lay the panes on it, then nail a second interior frame to hold the panes.

The addition of a glass partition is ideal for giving presence to a kitchen

Install a new partition to conceal a staircase.Adding a partition not only redistributes the space but also hides, or even protects, certain parts of the room that you want to conceal.In this case, in the case of this apartment, a funnel proved to be dangerous because it was located between the kitchen and the living room and without any protection or signage.

The only solution to secure this descending staircase: create a partition.

In practice, the Creative House teams mounted plasterboard frames. Good to know: prefer honeycomb tiles (thickness 7  cm) which can be easily assembled using a special glue for plaster tiles.

Polished concrete offers black a palette of shades

On the ground, the metal sheet has been removed. It is replaced by “ Negro Marquina ” (Porcelanosa) marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles  , creating a shiny effect. Then comes, on the living room side, a raw parquet floor in solid Hungarian Point oak (Decoplus Parquet). Noble materials such as marble-effect porcelain stoneware and Hungarian Point solid oak enrich the style of this apartment

Dramatize the decor!

For an even more majestic decor, install  Duropolymer cornices (Orac Decor). Here, they run along the ceiling of the living room, at the top of the walls. You can even add a  Louis XV style    plaster rosette 89 cm in diameter (Atelier Sedap).

Optimize every square meter

Because every meter counts, do not hesitate to capitalize on small free spaces. Here, a former cupboard now houses a  desk.

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